Success Stories

Emerald Director, Will Z.

will zanders

A former, lawyer, detective and world champion martial artist, Will entered the Network Marketing Industry with a splash. After becoming a Top Earner with back-to-back companies, he brought his talents to HBN and planted a flag in 2019, building one of the fastest growing teams in the industry.

Ruby Director, Chuck H.

chuck holmes

Chuck is a former Army officer, combat veteran, author, blogger, treasure hunter, Certified Small Business Coach, and entrepreneur. He is a decade long MLM Junkie turned Network Marketing Professional. Chuck lives in Florida with his wife, Rachel.

Ruby Director, Melissa B.

As a Physician Assistant for over 20 years, Melissa saw the best and worst of what traditional medicine had to offer. She also knew what it was like to have a severe case of “professional burnout”…

She didn’t like someone else determining the amount of her paycheck or limiting her vacation time. Now she is able to not only follow her passion of empowering and inspiring people to prioritize their health using a “Plants Over Pills” philosophy….but illustrate a simple recipe for financial freedom as she was able to retire 20 years early from her career in medicine due to this wonderful industry of network marketing.

Sapphire Director, Landee M.

Landee is a stay at home mom and a certified holistic health coach. She also successfully owned and operated a traditional retail business for 10 years before selling it and becoming a full-time stay at home mom.

With two kids in college and one in grade school, she noticed expenses falling in the debt column. Prior to finding Heart & Body Naturals she was over 30K in debt and desperately needed to find something she could do online from home.

Heart & Body Naturals was a perfect fit, allowing her to help others improve their health as well as their finances. Today Landee is debt-free and changing more lives than she could have ever imagined!

Silver Executive, Susan C.

I started HBN in June of 2019! I love HBN because of all the great people that make up the HBN family! The products are organic and I’m into putting good things in your body!

I have had great results using the products! The best part is how well HBN pays! I never thought I could work from home and make a decent living ! This is my forever hope based business!