Order Buttons

We currently have two buttons to choose from. They are DRINK COFFEE & GET PAID and Get Healthy & Wealthy. This is what they look like.

These buttons are 3 inches wide. They feature a pinback, so you can attach them to your clothes or hat. Wear your button everywhere you go (except work). When you see someone looking at it, hand them a drop card.

Price Options

  • 5 for $15 with free shipping ($3 each)
  • 10 for $25 with free shipping ($2.50 each)
  • 50 for $100 with free shipping ($2 each)

You can mix and match your buttons. For example, if you buy five buttons for $15, you can choose 3 coffee and 2 get healthy buttons.

When you buy them, let me know how many you want of each. There is a place to type in notes during your checkout process with PayPal. If I don’t see your response, I will email you to find out before I ship them.

There are no refunds on these buttons once they have been shipped.

Button Options
How Many of Each Button?

Example Postcards

Postcard # 1: Are you the one?

are you the one

Download the PDF of this postcard right here. Then you can have someone edit it and add your contact information.

Postcard # 2: Coffee Lovers Wanted

Download this postcard PDF here and then have someone edit it for you with your personal information.

Order Postcards

Here’s where I buy all of my postcards.

These are the best prices and quality I have found. They have different options available. You want to pick their glossy 4 x 6 postcard.

Order Leads on Labels (for Mailing)

If you’re looking to purchase leads on peel n stick labels, I would suggest the vendor I use myself.

Wilson Lists

These leads will come printed on labels and you can simply attach them to your mailings.

Event Tickets

If you’re looking to purchase an event ticket for our upcoming event, you can do so here.

Coffee Samples

If you want to do your own coffee samples, this is the equipment I use and recommend.

Heat Gun