30 Day Personal Development Plan

Welcome to our 30 Day Personal Development Plan. I want to give a big shout out to Will Zanders for posting this in our team’s Facebook group. I’ve simply compiled the information and put it in one place, especially for people who aren’t on Facebook.

If you are new to the HB Naturals business, or have been here for a while, do yourself a favor and go through this 30 Day Personal Development Plan. Complete one day at a time. Do not overwhelm yourself.

As you go through each lesson, watch the video several times, takes notes, and implement what you learn. The knowledge you gain will help you with your business, attitude, mindset, finances, relationships, and your personal life.

Day 1

A leader takes responsibility. They understand this business model is not the lottery. Their desire is to learn, grow, and become all they can become.

Many times people see the “overnight success” of an individual or a team, but they don’t see the years of hard work it took to become successful. This video will give you insight into the mindset of how to be truly successful. The video is titled “How Successful People Think”.


Day 2

You are where you are in your life because of what has gone into your mind. The only way to change what you are is to change what goes into your mind.

Wanting to be successful and working hard to be successful are very different. Watch this video to get inspiration to move from wanting success to doing what it takes to be successful.

What separates the 1% mentioned in this video from everyone else? Watch the video and find out for yourself.


Day 3

Failure is not fatal. The Top 1% see failure for what it is, a temporary setback. They commit to succeed or die trying. See your decision through until the end.

Day 4

Successful people plan and are proactive, not waiting to be told what to do, but taking action to bring their vision into reality. Watch this video at least twice. Take the time to process what your life would be like if you did what the video suggests.

Invest the next 5 minutes and reap returns for the next 50-years. Matthew McConaughey- Net Worth $140,000,000.00


Day 5

Our internal dialogue dictates our external experiences, like self-fulfilling prophecies. If you can conceive and believe, you will achieve. This video will guide you through the mindset of success.

What are the common themes you see from successful people? Use the comment area below to share your response.


Day 6

Visualization is a key tool for successful people. 5-minutes a day of closed eye visualization can bring some amazing things to fruition. Stay woke. There’s some major takeaways here.


Day 7

Successful people go about setting and achieving goals much differently than unsuccessful people.

Zig Ziglar taught one of the most simple and effective goal achievement methods ever taught. Apply it to your HBN Business immediately.  Once mastered, this could be applied to other areas of your life as well.


Day 8

This is arguably the most important video in this series. Complete the assignment. It’s a very important step in your MLM Personal Development Progress.


Day 9

What is success really? Dale Calvert breaks it down.

Day 10

Sometimes you need to hear about the MLM industry from a billionaire. It can do wonders for your belief & understanding. There are two key components to building a large, duplicating MLM business.

Sometimes, billionaires can empower you with information and perspective that you might not be able to get from your friends, relatives, and acquaintances who might not have achieved that level of success yet.


Day 11

A must watch video for any serious networker! Enjoy!


Day 12

Some REAL time frames for MLM Success.


Day 13

Find your purpose! Success leaves clues!


Day 14

Coach Dungy gives championship level advice on defeats and setbacks. Every serious MLMer needs this mindset in their mental tool kit.


Day 15

The journey to shifting your mindset could start right here.


Day 16

Handling negative thoughts, negative news and the like. Any serious leader MUST have these techniques in their toolbox! TRY THEM ASAP. IT WORKS!


Day 17

I Watched this video 3 or 4 times and suddenly something just clicked.

Out of all the mindsets you have to have for long term MLM Success, the mindset of a winner is one you definitely want to cultivate!

This video, if you really let it settle into your subconscious mind will definitely help you cultivate the attitude and mindset of a winner. Plain and simple.

At the end of the day, winners just win.


Day 18

Today’s video will introduce you (or reintroduce you) to one of the most powerful tools in your personal development arsenal. The Vision Board.

When I was on my way to making my first $100,000.00 in the industry my vision board was a critical part of that journey and has been with me in some shape or form ever since.

Digital or Old School, over the next few days we’re going to get your vision board working in your favor, automatically drawing your goals closer to you at record speeds!


Day 19

Oh, you thought we were done with your vision board? NOPE.

We’re taking your vision boards to a whole other level on Day 19. It’s that important. You’ll thank me later!


Day 20

You’re going to bring your VISION to life at all costs!

You should definitely have your vision board 80-100% done by Day 20. That being said, this is one of the most POWERFUL videos on the what, why, and how of vision boards I’ve ever seen, I had to include it.


Day 21

Jim Rohn was an MLM Multi-Millionaire long before he was one of the world’s more sought after motivational speakers, corporate trainer, MLM mentor, author, and life coach.

On Day 21 let Jim Rohn be your million dollar success coach. This is a MUST WATCH. One of the most powerful videos in the entire series.


Day 22

The keys to a successful business launch (or relaunch).

Day 23

Your sample 72-hour Launch Plan.

Launching or Relaunching your business is a must. In my experience 8 out of 10 MLMers have never actually launched their business, much less helped their team members launch their businesses.

Note: This video is only one way to Launch your business. There are multiple ways to do it, but this one is simple, fast, repeatable, and most importantly, it’s proven effective.

As I said in the video, get with your plugged in upline about launching or relaunching your business, but if there’s no plan in place here’s the one I’ve been using for years.

If you’ve already launched your business this obviously doesn’t apply to you, and yes this 72-hour plan can be combined with any existing hot market or retail plays that you’re using. 

Day 24

Following up is a core network marketing skill. It’s often said, the fortune is in the follow up, and for good reason. Learn why, how, and when to follow up in today’s video.

Day 25

If you’ve followed along day-by-day and step-by-step you should have had a very busy last few days. Finish up all your pending assignments, but not before getting fired up with one of the best, shortest motivational videos you’ll ever see.

Tomorrow…it’s GROW TIME.

IF you can stay focused for the next few days you’ll internalize some of the most powerful systems, skill sets, mindsets, and concepts that you’ll need on your way to building a true legacy team.

Day 26

Grab a pen and take notes. This video is NOT for the faint of heart.

Day 27

Embracing the definite NO.

As counterintuitive as it sounds, you definitely want to make this a habit. As difficult as it sounds, it’s the only decent indicator that you’re taking enough action to reach your goals and no one teaches it better than the originators.

Day 28

This particular video is one of the most enlightening of the whole series.  In it, Steve Siebold explains a true paradigm shift that feels light years ahead for our industry because of the attraction marketing phase.

The video is not about network marketing, but with a small tweak will definitely resonate with more financially mature viewers.

As we do our part to bring our industry back to its roots of personal development, financial freedom, and wisdom of the ages success principles, you’ll realize just how right Steve was. This video is a must watch for anyone who’s making good money or who plans on making good money in our industry in the future.

The video is not giving you an excuse to be broke, nor is it giving you a license for poverty. When you make the big MLM money this video is a 5-minute blueprint on how to keep it.

Day 29

These are TWO of the most powerful videos you could ever share with a prospect (See links below). When used properly they will save you so much time, literally eliminating not just the pyramid scheme objection, but tire kickers as well. Learn to let these videos do the heavy lifting of industry validation and you’ll be light years ahead of the field.

Watching these videos regularly will build your presentation ability, objection handling ability, as well as your belief and understanding of the business model and the industry as a whole. They are in my humble opinion, invaluable.


VIDEO 1 – The Perfect Business


VIDEO 2 – Brilliant Compensation


Day 30

Today is a special day for so many reasons.

And as a bonus for completing all 30-days today you will come into possession of the THREE videos that impacted me most at the beginning of my career, the middle of my career and what was almost the end…

The videos today are linked below and are totally different from each other but all equally create big impact, IF you take the time to internalize the concepts AND share and teach what you learn.

The first video is by million dollar monthly earner Holton Buggs and even though he is no longer building teams, this video is agreed upon by experts in our field as one of the most influential training ever done on the mindsets and techniques behind launching a legendary MLM business.

The second video is by 600 million dollar career earner Dexter Yager (R.I.P.) and is my favorite video about what it takes to go Diamond in any company. After all, Dexter even today, has more diamond distributors in his organization than anyone else in history!  Hence the $600,000,000.00 payday.

The third video is the shortest, and my favorite of the three.  It’s by MLM multi-millionaire Brian Carruthers.  I bought this video from him before he took it off the market, and it’s saved me and so many others during the days when we were losing hope, losing faith, and weren’t quite sure if this industry was for us or not.

And lastly before I leave you to the final 3 videos in your personal development journey I’ll share this wisdom…

This last 30 days is just the start of your daily personal development journey, never let it end. You become what you think about most of the time and if you really knew how good HBN was you’d work 10 times harder, and 10 times faster.

Thanks for reviewing my 30 day personal development plan. It’s been a pleasure.


will zanders

Will Zanders, Emerald Director, HB Naturals

Video 1: MLM Mindset & Strategy by Holton Buggs

Video 2: What it takes to go Diamond by Dexter Yager


Video 3: Don’t Ever Quit by Brian Carruthers